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Action Packed 800 Calorie Kickboxing Workout! Get Fit & Look Great!

Become Healthy, Fit and Re-Energized With Chicago Kickboxing!

Chicago KickboxingNeed to Lose Weight or Regain Your Health? Then count on our adult Chicago Kickboxing program whip you into shape.

Whether you are concerned about your safety or drawn to the fitness and weight loss benefits of martial arts, Kickboxing Fitness can help.

Our Muay Thai Kickboxing workout is a high-intensity aerobic workout using the latest techniques developed by Master Lanre Lawanson. Training includes lightning-fast kicks and punches, intense cardio and natural defensive tactics that whip you into shape without boring drills or repetitive circuits.

Whatever you need, this Chicago Kickboxing program delivers!

Burn 800+ Calories Per Hour During Chicago Kickboxing!

We are not your average Martial Arts and fitness facility. We are a family-oriented studio that promotes physical well-being, mental strength, character development, self-discipline, self-defense and self-confidence through physical fitness.

If you want a "boot camp style" workout that makes monotonous treadmills, weight lifting and "thug mentality" gyms a thing of the past, you'll find it here!

We've been serving the neighborhood for over 20 years

Chang's Martial Arts Academy offers a variety of classes and training options taught by experts in Taekwondo, Aikido, Jujitsu and Arnis / Kali. AND, we are a proud part of the Wicker Park Community.



Get ready for a life-altering experience - Starting NOW!

At Chicago Kickboxing you will get an intense, high-energy, power-packed program designed to give you an excellent TOTAL body workout along with excellent self-defense training.

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Our Purpose Statement

Serving others above self with Great Humility and living life to the fullest as if it was our last day.

"As iron sharpens iron, we sharpen one another"

Kickboxing Fitness Chicago

Benefits of kickboxing fitness

  • Tone & Condition your Body
  • Develop Timing, Balance & Coordination
  • Gain Power, Speed, Agility & Flexibility
  • Gain Mental Focus
  • Lose Weight, Feel Great
  • Acquire Self-Defense Skills
  • Build Self-Confidence & Self Discipline

Our kickboxing fitness Classes Are Located In

  • Chicago


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Our kickboxing classes in Chicago are a high-intensity aerobic workout using the latest techniques developed by Master Lanre Lawanson. Training includes lightni ...

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