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    Our Purpose
    "We Serve"
    ith great humility W
    e live life to the fullest W
    e sharpen one another as iron sharpens iron W
    e educate We
    make every member feel welcome W
    e blame no one W
    e lead by example W
    e celebrate accomplishments W
    e provide quality instruction W
    e are accountable to one another ....

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  • New Waukegan Location

    Located At:
    3200 Sunset Ave. Waukegan, IL 60087
    Contact Us:
    Tel: 847-360-8360 Facebook: Chang's Taekwondo Academy ....

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  • Top Martial Arts School Award

    Educational Funding Company (EFC), a billing company for Martial Arts Schools in USA, Puerto Rico, Canada,UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand recognized Master Lanre Lawanson,owner of Chang's Martial Arts and Fitness Studio in Chicago, Illinois with a2012 Top Martial Arts School award at the 2012 EFC Leadership Summit in Washington, DCon September 30th 2012. Pictured with Shihan David Deaton, EFC Sr Board Member
    Congratulations to Master Lanre for his dedicationand hard work.


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  • Letter From a Parent

    Hello, my name is Lydia. I have lived in the Wicker Park/Bucktown/Humbolt area all my life. I would like to share a true testimonial story of my encounter with what turned out to be my life line.
    I was a single mom struggling to raise a son 6 and daughter 1. I felt like I was at a point where all would be lost, my son to drugs, gangs, violence, my home and daughter.
    One day feeling at the lowest point I’ve ever felt I walked past a place that seemed to have just opened in my neighborhood and for reasons unknown to me (but now I can honestly say it was divine intervention), I turned around; there were 2 men inside teaching this little boy Martial Arts, this place was Chang’s Tae-Kwon-Do, ....

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  • Testimonials

    Dear Chang’s/Sir, I am writing you today in an attempt to convey how meaningful the practice of Taekwondo has been for both my young son and myself. Upon discovering your new location over two years ago I wandered in and decided to give it a try. How could I say no to a $99 sign up special including a free uniform? As a plus your Do Jang was located convenient to both work and home. At that time I was carrying a good deal of extra weight and had a general lack of cardiovascular health. Other attempts at exercise were never regular enough and I wasn’t motivated to do it alone. Upon beginning training with you I found that I did not have good balance, was not able to coordinate moves ....

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