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  • Stephanie R, Chang's Martial Arts Academy Testimonials

    Chang's is a phenomenal program that teaches your kids respect, self worth, hard work, fitness, and dedication at the age of 3 and up. My boys love it and I noticed a change in their behavior at home too. Thank you Chang's!

    Stephanie R
  • Marie B, Chang's Martial Arts Academy Testimonials

    My daughter really loves going there. The instructors are great. At first my daughter had isues with low self esteem as well as being bullied. Since going to Chang's, my daughter's attitude has improved as well as her confidence. And just in a couple of months, she was promoted from a white to a yellow belt. I would recommend that anyone with child or yourself go to. Chang's Martial Arts and Fitness.

    Marie B
  • Jahee Y, Chang's Martial Arts Academy Testimonials

    Can't say enough good things about Chang's (CMA). We have been a part of the CMA family since 2014. My son has been taking TKD and their instructor Mr. David is amazing with the kids. You can tell all the kids have a great time. We also held a birthday party at CMA for my son. Mr. David hosted and led all the activities, and truly made my son feel like the star and champion on his special day (got to break a special board and cut the birthday cake with a sword!). CMA offers a great summer camp so we will plan on registering again this year.

    Jahee Y


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